National Love A Tree Day

pexels-photo-119638May 16th is National Love a Tree Day and with our passion for all things wood, we couldn’t let that pass without a mention!

And whilst we fully appreciate that this is a day to celebrate the living, breathing trees, we think it’s also time to pay regard to what they bring to your interior decoration.  Bringing wood into your interior decoration is a perfect way to opt for a natural look in your home.  Wood is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials available and with its variety of finishes, species and applications it can be used in so many different ways.

Here are our top five ways to use wood in your home:-


Wooden floors out of fashion and add a stylish finish to any room.  They’re available in a variety of styles and prices ranges so there’s something for everyone.  And unlike carpet, your wooden floor will never fall out of line with your overall room decoration as it works well with all colours and accessories.  If you opt for the best quality, and look after it well, then your hardwood floor can last a lifetime.


Adding wood to the kitchen creates a perfect country feel, whether you’re installing a whole new kitchen or refurbishing your existing kitchen by changing all the cupboard doors and drawer fronts to wood and adding solid wood worktops.

pexels-photo-68563Even if it’s not time to update your kitchen, the addition of wooden accessories is always a great option.  From chopping boards and utensils through to serving bowls, wood helps to bring a natural, homely feel to your kitchen.


There has definitely been a recent resurgence of wooden windows as people grow tired with the same uniform white, UPVC look.  Wooden window frames give greater versatility as they can be painted any colour and they add a more individual look to your home.

If not replacing your windows, then wooden shutters can also add an interesting element, whether you opt for exterior shutters or the currently fashionable plantation style shutters.


It’s probably fair to assume that most people have wooden internal doors, but these are often the overlooked element when it comes to refreshing your interior.  An unloved door is not a feature of a room, but take that same doorway and have a sanded down,  beautifully varnished wooden door and you have yourself a new talking point!

Adding a stable door, or a door with a glass panel can completely change the feel of a room, making it more sociable or adding extra light.


Bringing natural wood accessories into your home can create a really warm feel.  From driftwood style shelves to beautifully crafted wooden furniture, the options are endless.  Plus the more quirky clocks, plant pots and signs can be a low budget, fun way to update a room.

For all things timber, you can get in touch with us a Forestrall Timber Merchants or Forestrall Medway.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.



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