As we approach another Bank Holiday, and with the weather being very typical of the “British summer” (feel free to insert your own eye roll here!) many of us will be starting to consider making the most of the long weekend by attacking the list of jobs at home.

But, is this a good idea?  Would your time be better spent on something else – whether it’s work or relaxation?  It’s easy to get swept up in the moment, standing in the DIY store (or timber yard) surrounded by a sea of materials that are going to give you the perfect kitchen / bathroom / shed etc.  And then once you’ve got it home, as your enthusiasm for the task starts to wane, the cost saving of “doing it yourself” suddenly becomes an expense, rather than a saving, as the likelihood of the job being completed (or sometimes even started!) starts to slip away…

Do it yourself, or have it “done for you”?

Here’s our top five reasons to get a professional in:

1. They know what they’re doing!

There’s generally no second guessing with a professional – they do “what it says on the tin”.  If you need a cupboard built, you get a carpenter.  Need the room interior redone, hire a decorator.  Yes, some are multi-skilled trade, which is great, but unlike most of us with our DIY ideas, they’re not just “having a go”… You can pretty much rest assured that they are competent at what they do (and if you have any worries about this then ask for recommendations or to see examples of their previous work).

2. You won’t be paying for mistakes

I speak from experience here, having allowed a “have a go” friend to install my kitchen worktops a few years back.  Not only did he incorrectly mitre the joining worktops once, he actually managed to do it twice, so my free worktop installation ended up costing me the price of six worktops! And a professional to install them in the end! You should find, with a pro, that whatever your job, it will be right first time.  And if there are any errors, you generally won’t pay to have them put right.

3. They’ll have all the “stuff”

When you decide that you’re going to redecorate a room (for example) your mind is full of “duck egg blue” or “mineral grey” and it’s easy not to think beyond choosing that optimal colour.  But what about all the “stuff”….? What do I mean?  Well, when you attempt to start your redecoration you soon realise that you need to actually do some prep.  That’s the REALLY boring bit! The patching up, the sanding, the filling, the re-sanding… So you need scrapers, filler, spatulas, sand paper, sugar soap, tape and a whole host of other things that you will probably NEVER use again.  And then when all of that is finally completed, you still need the dust sheets, paint brushes, trays, rollers, white spirit and other painting necessities.  Hire someone who does this stuff day in, day out, and you’re pretty much assured that they bring all the necessary materials with them.  And you will then just have the luxury of choosing your paint.


A professional will already be set with all the tools of the trade

4. There’s potential to actually save money 

Do a job yourself, and you’re likely to head to one store to pick up everything you need. Employ a professional and they are likely to have trade accounts at a number of stores and be able to secure the best priced materials.

5. You might not get what you want, and sometimes that’s a good thing!

We’re not all artistic or creative. Sometimes you can have an idea for your house, which in your mind will work perfectly but if you have the opportunity to talk it through with a pro, you may find out differently.  You may think that a multi-shelved understairs cupboard is just what the family needs, but a good carpenter may be able to highlight your design flaws (maybe not being able to access the furthest shelves when the nearest are piled high with shoes and brollies!) and come up with a more workable idea that maximises the space you have and gives you greater storage.


You’ll get some great ideas from a pro, as they do these jobs every day of the week

Now we’re not for one second being anti-DIY.  We love the fact that our customers are split between trade and general public (DIYers), and if it’s something you have a passion for or is something that you enjoy, then definitely go for it. But if DIY is something you dread, then hopefully we’ve helped you realise that you’re by no means admitting defeat by calling in a professional – sometimes it really is the right thing to do!

And if we can help at all, you’ll find us here (if you’re in the South East, in and around the M25) or here (if you’re in Medway, Maidstone or in and around Kent).

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.



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