FSC Friday


Today is FSC Friday and as an FSC Certified supplier we wanted to share the details with you.

FSC helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home and is recognised by WWF as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”.

FSC certified businesses, such as Forestrall, have voluntarily taken the step to ensure that the wood, paper and other forest-based materials they use help to ensure forests for all forever.

Sales Team

The Forestrall Sales Team, all ready and waiting to answer your Chain of Custody questions and direct you towards FSC certified products.

FSC Friday is our opportunity to raise awareness of FSC among our customers.

  • The FSC label guarantees that trees that are harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.
  • In FSC certified forests, some areas are protected entirely, in order to preserve rare animals and plants.
  • FSC is the only forest certification scheme endorsed by WWF, Greenpeace and the
    Woodland Trust.
  • FSC protects the rights of indigenous peoples to use forests. Sacred sites in FSC certified forests are exempt from felling.
  • Owners of FSC certified forests must provide training, safety equipment and a decent salary to their employees. The forest owner is often obliged to support the community in other ways, such as through the development of schools.

FSC products included within Forestrall’s scope of certification include carcassing, sawn and machined timber, fence panels, sleepers (untreated and treated), decking, hardboard, MDF, OSB, chipboard, blockboard, plywood and hardwood mouldings. Consumers in growing numbers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practices. Public authorities and enterprise procurement policies increasingly demand reassurance and proof from the wood-processing industries that the wood they use comes from sustainably managed sources.

Many timber suppliers will tell you, often in good faith, that their supplies are from ‘sustainable’ or ‘managed’ sources, or from plantations. Without an independent certification system, there is often no way of verifying this or of demonstrating to your
clients that you have met their expectations.

A timber procurement policy is a good way to ensure everyone in your organisation knows what timber and timber products are acceptable for use. It can also help you to make and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Timber may or may not physically carry the FSC trademarks. Your proof that FSC certified timber products have been procured, as specified, is the invoice from the supplier, which should clearly state the applicable FSC claim/s and their FSC certificate
code. Only FSC certified organisations can make FSC claims on their invoices and delivery notes.

To view all our timber products click here (for Maidstone, Medway and across Kent) or here for the whole of the South East of England.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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