Health and Happiness on International Men’s Day


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Men – plug in your drills, and stand by your workbenches because the time has come to celebrate all that is good about the male species. International Men’s Day on November 19th is the one day in the year where 24 hours are focused on husbands, sons, brothers and fathers throughout the world.

Mental and physical

This year International Men’s Day focuses on health. With both mental and physical health issues at the forefront of the campaign, it is good for men to focus on activities that help them in these two areas. One way to help combat mental and physical health issues is tackling those DIY and gardening projects. What better way to celebrate International Men’s Day than by planning your next project, whether it is creating a stunning flower bed with timber garden sleepers or putting up new fencing.

Smelling roses

Most people can agree that there is nothing more satisfying than being outside. And now researchers have found that even the scent of roses and the act of digging up weeds can have a number of health benefits, which include reduced blood pressure, a boost in brain activity and generate an upbeat feeling. Even just sitting in your shed and looking at a garden can give you a really positive lift – and it’s not just the fact that you’ve been able to escape the chores indoors!

It isn’t hard to create a beautiful garden when you have access to a range of decking, sheds and fencing which gives you the finishing touches you want. Here at Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants, we have all the supplies you need.

Spoilt for choice

You can’t help but be spoilt for choice when we stock the widest range of railway sleepers in the South East, available in New Oak, New Softwood and Reclaimed. Beautiful gardens are given the finishing touches with decking, which comes in a full range including Softwood, Hardwood and Anti Slip. We also stock an extensive range of fence panels along with posts, rails and garden trellis.

Everything you need to get your garden ship shape and it is all delivered throughout London, Kent and the South East, on time, every time.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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