Enhance your garden this National Gardening Week (30 April to 6 May)


National Gardening Week is a time to celebrate and make the most of your garden. The garden is now an extension of the home, allowing you to spend much-needed relaxing and entertaining time outdoors. Below we explore different ways in which you can enhance your garden to make the absolute best use of this space.

Make the most of decking

Adding a deck to your garden can really help you to make the best use of available space. You can use it as a dining area, a place to sit and read, or simply as a balcony. Many homeowners choose to add decking outside of patio doors or a conservatory to extend the indoor living space. Decking materials include those made of hardwood, composite or anti-slip properties. What you choose depends on your budget and needs.

Railway sleepers

The introduction of railway sleepers helps to add much-needed interest to any garden. Choose from oak, softwood and reclaimed timber. Sleepers are incredibly versatile and can be used to create a raised flower bed when space is limited. They can also be used to edge a lawn or even paths.

The garden shed

No garden is complete without a garden shed. They make the obvious choice to store tools and garden equipment, helping to keep your garden neat and tidy. However, today the timber garden shed can be used for many other reasons. Turn it into a reading room, craft room, or even a playroom for the kids.


The correct fencing can completely transform your garden. Fencing can help to give you added privacy, as well as being decorative. Fencing can also incorporate screens to help create separate living areas, so perhaps a BBQ area and dining area. You can also use a trellis to grow climbing plants and to provide decorative walkways.

The garden pergola

The timber pergola can be used in a variety of different ways. It can be used as a place to sit under and read a book or eat a meal. What’s more, it can help provide a covered walkway for you to use all year round. It provides a great focal point which is also highly practical.

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