Reaping the Benefits of Time in the Garden

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June is an important month for men in the garden! With Men’s Health Week leading right into Father’s Day, it’s the perfect time of year to make the most of the weather and learn more about the health benefits time spent outside can have.

Healthy hobbies

It’s no secret that dads around the world revel in garden work – whether it’s putting up or painting a fence, endlessly perfecting the ultimate shed or transforming the space with new decking, DIY will forever be a satisfying outlet for creativity out of doors. Men’s Health Week makes for a great opportunity to get involved in the garden – there are countless studies showing that outdoor time, especially in the summer, is crucial for good mental health. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with good weather, the Vitamin D beaming down with the sun can do wonders for mood and a good night’s sleep, while the exercise that comes with shifting timber sleepers into a landscaped area can get the body working and burn off the barbecues you’ll no doubt be having.

The creative satisfaction in getting hands-on in a garden, too, is a fantastic way to unwind on the weekend. Whether DIY work or a detailed programme of obsessive gardening, combining a hobby with time outside is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and keep your health in check.

Time with family

With Father’s Day imminent, it’s a fantastic time to treat the dad in your life with a new DIY project to get stuck into – or if you’re the dad, to treat yourself with a shed all of your own! There’s a lot to be said for personal space, and a shed can be transformed from a working shelter to a library, TV or games room with a little ingenuity.

Sharing a project with the family, too, can make for hours of quality time investing in your home that’ll be enjoyed for years to come. Getting the family together to paint a fence or build a shed creates shared memories of time spent with dad that are priceless. Get dads outside this June and watch gardens across the country flourish!

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