National Allotments Week


Allotments are a time-capsule, a retreat from the non-stop pace of modern society where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of relaxing in a communal space with your friends and neighbours. Often something that gets overlooked, or dismissively passed off as a hobby for retirees, allotments can be a real boon for a local community – especially in crowded city suburbs, where a quiet oasis of nature amongst the concrete jungle can do wonders for young and old alike.

So, from the 13th to the 19th of August, allotments are getting the attention they deserve in the form of National Allotments Week, a celebration of the tradition that aims to get people across the entire UK involved in the pastime. This year, the week focuses on growing your own food, a skill that has definitely been lost in time but one that is still very important in this day and age.

But you might be asking, ‘why should I grow my own food when it’s much easier to buy it?’. Of course, it’s more convenient to buy food from a supermarket or greengrocers but growing your own fruit and vegetables in an allotment is not only about the produce itself, it’s about the experience. Home-grown fruit and vegetables may look a bit ‘wonky’ compared to the perfect store-bought produce, but you know that what you’ve grown is free from any genetic modification or pesticides that are used in industrial farming. Importantly, the sense of achievement that you get from growing your own food and sharing it with the friends, some of whom you may have made in the allotment, is something that you definitely can’t buy at a supermarket!

New Oak Raised Bed KitIf you want to enjoy the tranquillity, and sense of community that an allotment can give you but are not sure how to go about setting up your plot with the right gear, we at Forestrall can help. We have a wide range of timber products such as decking and sleepers that would be ideal for your new plot. You can add raised beds, fencing, sheds and many other features to make your new allotment plot an even more idyllic and pleasurable place to spend a sunny afternoon.

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