Top 5 outdoor jobs to do on the August bank holiday


Unsure of how to spend your bank holiday next week? The August bank holiday is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the last few moments of summer and make the most of being outdoors. Take advantage of the (hopefully) great weather and get all your outdoor jobs ticked off your list in preparation for the colder months.

Clean your decking

After a summer of heavy usage, your decking might be looking a little worse for wear as the season winds down. Give it a clean-up before one last hurrah to ensure it looks its best, or wait until all the BBQs have been hosted to get it looking ship-shape for the colder months. It is worth investing in some decking cleaner  and decking treatment to make your job a little easier.

Tidy and repair your shed

Give your shed a once-over and make any repairs to its exterior and interior if necessary to ensure it survives the winter months. Inspect the roof and repair any damage with a felt roofing adhesive to prevent leaks. Tidy up the interior of any sheds and garages as well to ensure everything is organised for next summer.

Replace your lawn

Your garden might be looking very tired after a dry and hot summer, so consider replacing your shabby lawn with some artificial grass. Tidying it up now will ensure it’s in great condition and ready for optimum use next year.

Weed and water

If you have any large flowerbeds or a lot of potted plants, take some time to do a mass weeding and watering session. Weeds steal moisture, nutrients and light from your plants, so have a big tidy up in your garden and water any parched plants.

Maintain your fencing

The bank holiday is a great time to maintain your current garden fencing. You might be considering some DIY repairs, or your original fence might simply be old and tired. If this is the case, you should consider upgrading it. Doing this now will help prepare it for the stronger winds that the colder months bring.

For more advice on maintaining your garden or outdoor areas, contact us at Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants today.

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