The Best Ways To Add Value to Your Property

Couple receiving new houss keys

Looking to sell your home but want to add value in new and interesting ways? Read our tips below for DIY inspiration both inside and outside your home.

1. Add something unique

Timber decking can make a garden a relaxing and fun place to be for adults and kids! Add some stylish furniture to the decking so potential buyers can imagine themselves sitting out in the garden in their new home. According to the online estate agents YOPA, a well-maintained garden can add up to 20% to your property’s value. Adding decking can extend the living environment of your home, making it more appealing to buyers.

2. Keep it tidy

Small details like skirting boards and mouldings can make or break a decision for a potential buyer. Knowing that they can move in without worrying about DIY can really encourage someone to buy. This type of work doesn’t have to be expensive when you buy the right materials, but can add significant value by smartening up the interior.

3. Privacy outdoors and indoors

Think of the garden as another room of the house; you want it to be nearly as private as interior rooms! Upgrading or rebuilding fencing can make your garden more private and secluded from neighbours and the public. It’s simple to do yourself and doesn’t require expensive equipment, but can add serious value to your property. Especially useful in cramped urban areas!

4. Consider adding a new room

A loft conversion can add a lot of value at half the price of an extension. Forestrall can help with materials such as timber for door frames, flooring, skirtings and more – all small details that can add a wow-factor to a new room. Even stair parts can be ordered for easy access to a loft conversion.

5. Enhance the kerb appeal

Most people will decide whether they want to buy a property before they’ve even stepped in the front door. Simple DIY jobs like painting, filling cracks and repairing window frames will make your home look like new! It can also reassure a visitor that your property is ready to move into and would make an ideal new home.

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