‘Celebrate your unique talent’ day on November 24th


As you may already know, November 24th marks ‘celebrate your unique talent’ day! Everyone has a talent or set of skills – useful or useless, discovered or yet to be found. If you’re a dab hand when it comes to DIY and home improvement, this could be your chance to shine by undertaking a new project and showing off your unique skill.

DIY is undoubtedly a very impressive talent to have, and one which is becoming increasingly rare as younger generations never get to grips with it. So what could you be doing on this special occasion?

Improve, don’t move

Making a few changes to your home and garden can really up the value of your property. You could try adding decking to your back garden, getting it ready for next spring and summer when the nicer weather means sitting and dining outdoors on warm evenings.

You could also spend the day improving the kerb appeal of your home, adding railway sleepers as borders in your front garden and planting some spring bulbs now, ready for the new year. Putting up new fencing at both the front and rear of your property not only makes your garden more appealing, but it also makes it more secure as the darker afternoons and evenings draw in.

Celebrate in style

Being handy around the home really is something to be celebrated on ‘celebrate your unique talent’ day. This is the perfect occasion (if one were needed) to flex those DIY muscles by taking on a garden improvement project. It may be autumn, but the weather has been kind to us so far and this is the ideal opportunity to make some changes before the busy Christmas and New Year period, and ahead of the nicer spring weather which will be upon us before we know it.

Source some of the best fencing, sleepers and decking on the market to add real ‘wow factor’ to your home. Forestrall have all the materials necessary to help you shine as a DIY pro, so get in touch today to get all the materials you need or for more friendly advice on how to upgrade your outdoor space!

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