DIY During Coronavirus Lockdown

We did it! Cheerful young male carpenter and his son giving high-five to each other while working in workshop

In this unusual period of lockdown, with many people finding themselves at home, unable to venture out for more than one period of exercise per day, we know that DIY has become something that has risen to the top of a LOT of to-do lists.

Before we share some ideas of jobs you could be getting on with right now, we must emphasis that doctors are warning people not to do unnecessary gardening or DIY during the coronavirus lockdown. They’re concerned that this may put further pressure on the NHS – after they saw a spike in traumatic injuries caused by power tools in the last week. So please, if you are going to take on any DIY tasks, ensure that they are ones that you can do safely and without causing any harm to yourself or others.

Here’s some suggestions for you:-


Now is as good a time as any to spruce up any tired looking rooms.  With careful supervision this is something the whole family can get involved with and can turn a dull few days into an exciting project.  You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved in a day or two and you may find that decorating one room soon turns into revamping the whole house – potentially adding up to 5% to the value of your house!

Mini Makeover

Many of us have one room that is the most unloved in the house…and often it’s a utility room or a downstairs cloakroom bathroom.  Why not give this room some love and see what you can achieve, with a small budget and a bit of care and attention.  Changing the flooring can be a task that has a really big impact and sticky vinyl or stick on floor tiles can create a whole new look for the area, really easily.

Chalkboard Wall

As the children are home right now, and home learning is the buzzword of the month, why not turn one wall in their bedroom / playroom into a chalkboard wall? It’s as simple as painting one wall (or area of a wall – which can be created by taping off a section) with chalkboard paint and allowing it to thoroughly dry for a couple of days. Once it’s dry, you have a perfect wall for kids art, sums, spellings, lists…

Upcycle Some Furniture

Most of us have a shabby chest of drawers or a passed down cabinet that’s tucked away in a corner or even banished to the shed / garage… Why not dig it out, look at it with fresh eyes and think if there’s some way you can turn it onto an attractive addition to your home.  A bit of sanding down, prepping and priming and a lick of paint could give your unloved piece of furniture a whole new lease of life!

Planning Future Projects

Whilst you may not be able to leave the house, now is a great time for planning.  Never again will most of us have this amount of spare time on our hands, so if you have a future project – whether it’s a new kitchen, a new bathroom or even an extension then this is the perfect time to get all your ideas together.  Browse Pinterest and Google for inspiration ideas, create a mood board, get your budget spreadsheet created… And you may not be able to get out to the bathroom and kitchen companies, or have the architect come and visit you but you will find that MANY of them are still working from home and able to offer email advice and suggestions or even video consultations.

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