10 signs you are a Lockdown Master of DIY – how many can you tick off?


Have you gone from DIY novice to expert in lockdown?

We’re not expecting you to be the next Nick Knowles, but many people have been doing so much more DIY during the last few weeks, so we’ve compiled a list of signs that you could now be a Master of DIY.

A 2018 Statista survey shows the share of the population who did DIY in their free time in England by age. According to the survey, conducted between April 2017 and March 2018, around 22 percent of 16 to 24 year olds worked on DIY projects as a free time activity. This rose to 47% for the 25-44 year olds and 65-74 year olds, with around 52 percent of the middle age gap of 45-64 year olds spending their spare time doing DIY!

Can you imagine what that survey would look like today?

Rare Consulting reported these interesting stats from week commencing 20th of April 2020:

  • 35% of those in quarantine intend to learn more new home making skills this week.

  • 45% of those who are staying at home as much as possible intend to engage more in cleaning this week.

  • 37% of the UK intend to engage more in general house maintenance this week.

So, what does it take to be a Master of DIY?

To help you work out if you are on track to DIY domination we’ve compiled a list of all the signs of a Master of DIY at work. How many can you tick off?

Top 10 signs someone is a master of DIY:

  1. You have “nailed” the art of hanging pictures – non-wonky and not precariously positioned.
  2. Resealing the bath is not a problem for you – you even remember to fill the tub first.
  3. You know where your stopcock lives, and can turn off the water and fix a leaky tap.
  4. Filler is your new best friend.  Whether it’s woodwork or walls, all of your cracks have been suitable filled, smoothed and repainted.
  5. Squeaky floorboards are now a thing of the past. Sometimes they just need screwing down, but, top tip – squeaky floorboards can be cost-effectively tackled by sprinkling talcum powder, soapstone powder or powdered graphite in the gaps between the boards.
  6. Creating a decking area in your garden doesn’t phase you. And did you know, according to Location, Location, Location star Phil Spencer, speaking with the Telegraph, garden decking can add 2% to your home’s value!
  7. You’ve given all the garden furniture a new lease of life. Whether it’s wood or metal, it can all be cleaned with white spirit, sanded down (or use steel wool) and then stained or painted.
  8. You are now officially a demon with the jet wash. Fences, decking areas, patios, driveways – you could eat your dinner off all of them as they’re so pristine.
  9. Tiling doesn’t fill you with fear – and you’ve completed at least one project, even if it’s just a splashback to protect the wall behind your sink area – giving your kitchen/bathroom/cloakroom a whole new lease of life.
  10. You’ve boosted your “kerb appeal” by painting your front door.

How did you do?

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