Google DIY search terms in lockdown


Let’s face it, I think we can all hold our hands up to having Googled something DIY related during lockdown!

So we thought we’d check out what people have been Googling, and came across a great article from Property Reporter. In it they advise that over the past month, there has been a 90% increase in searches for ‘How to…’ on Google, with topics such as ‘Pergola’, ‘Pavement’ and ‘Artificial Turf’ topping trends.

Here’s the stats on the increase in searches for the top ten topics:

  • Build a pergola – up 950%
  • Get a pallet – up 550%
  • Use compost – up 500%
  • Put down artificial turf – up 350%
  • Do decking – up 300%
  • Lay a concrete slab – up 300%
  • Build a fire pit – up 300%
  • Do fence panelling – up 250%
  • Create a patio – up 250%
  • Make a bird feeder – up 250%

The Timber Trade Journal  also confirmed in their April article that internet searches for decking in the UK doubled in the first week the country was told to stay at home, according to research from Composite Prime.

And that’s certainly been our experience, with enquiries increasing week on week. For us, business IS trading but in a restricted way due to low staffing and social distancing protocols.

All contact should be made by email to

We ARE delivering locally and allowing pre-pay and collect but it is SLOWER than the normal process due to high demand and a shortage of staff.

We ask all of our enquirers to please use email as our landline is on answerphone and there is only one office member available.

Items we can help with (from the top ten search list):-

*Products can be viewed at but online sales have been suspended for the time being.


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